Mitsubishi Service Centre in Calgary, Alberta

Mitsubishi Service Centre in Calgary, Alberta

Owning a vehicle is one thing and maintaining it is another. How do you ensure that your car is always functioning properly? The fact that your car is moving doesn't necessarily mean that everything is well. You need a reliable service centre where your vehicle can regularly be checked and maintained.

Mitsubishi Service Centre is your ultimate partner when it comes to servicing and maintaining your vehicle in Calgary, Alberta. We have highly skilled and experienced technicians to support you with all your service needs. As the most preferred Mitsubishi Service Centre in Calgary Alberta, we don't compromise on the quality of service we offer to our customers. We understand what your vehicle means to you and that's why your vehicle's maintenance is our priority.

Genuine Mitsubishi Parts - Bow Mitsubishi

Our Service Centre only deals with genuine Mitsubishi parts. Sometimes you might be tempted to go for imitation parts in an attempt to save money. However, this action is worse as it may not only cost you more but also pose danger to your vehicle.

The only way of getting genuine Mitsubishi parts is to visit our Parts Centre. The good thing about genuine and original parts is that they will perfectly fit your vehicle and last longer compared to imitation parts.

Your vehicle is as good as you maintain it. It doesn't matter what type of car you are driving, if you don't maintain and repair it frequently, it will be a disappointment.

Our technicians have vast experience in maintaining and repairing different Mitsubishi models. Don't wait until your car breaks down before you start looking for a mechanic. Book a service appointment today and let us inspect and repair your vehicle.

Maintenance and Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Mitsubishi service cost?

The cost of servicing your Mitsubishi depends on some factors such as model, warranty, and the service centre. Also, where you service your Mitsubishi plays a critical role in determining cost. Service provided by an authorized dealer will probably cost you a little more upfront but can end up saving you money down the road.

How often should I service my Mitsubishi Outlander?

There is no specific period as to when you should service your car but it is highly recommended that you take your Mitsubishi Outlander for service after every six months.

How much is an oil change at Mitsubishi?

The average cost of changing oil for your Mitsubishi in Canada varies from one provider to another. Check with our Bow Mitsubishi Service Centre to find out how our oil change services differ from that of a local mechanic shop. And don't forget to check out our service specials for great savings.

Do Mitsubishi cars last long?

Yes. Mitsubishi models have a reputation of being durable, long-lasting vehicles. Don't believe us, check out our used inventory to see how many Mitsubishi cars are made to keep going.

Why is routine maintenance required?

Routine maintenance is important because it helps detect any problems with your car and keeps it operating normally.

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Our Service Centre is always open, we offer Service Specials and a lot more. Book a service appointment inside our service centre in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, and Strathmore, Alberta. We are always pleased to assist you with your vehicle.