Mitsubishi Tire Centre FAQs

Mitsubishi Tire Centre FAQs

Mitsubishi Tire Centre FAQs

At Bow Mitsubishi, we can help you explore the latest models from our new inventory or assist you in maintaining your current vehicle. We have numerous automotive services available to ease vehicle ownership, including our trusted Mitsubishi Tire Centre, which is ready to support any vehicle tire needs.


Why is wheel alignment important?

A wheel alignment is important because it will ensure your vehicle tracks straight while driving and eliminate premature tire wear. Also, a properly aligned vehicle will handle as intended, providing maximum security and safety.

Why is tire pressure important?

Your vehicle's tire pressures are important to ensure you enjoy proper handling and maximum fuel efficiency. However, having too much or too little air in your tires will cause various drivability issues, but the most common is uneven tire wear.

Why is tire rotation important?

Since your vehicle's tires experience varying wear depending on their mounting position, you will want to even wear across your set by regularly rotating the tires. Although there are different methods of tire rotation depending on your vehicle's drivetrain and other aspects, our experts can perform the right method for your specific make and model.

What causes excessive tire wear?

There are many causes for excessive tire wear, including improper wheel alignment, low or high tire pressure, suspension issues, bad wheel bearings, improper wheel balancing, and more. Even though those issues can wear your tires fast, you can catch those issues by checking your tires often, allowing you to avoid prematurely wearing out your tire set.

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