Mitsubishi S-AWC Driving Modes in Calgary, Alberta

Mitsubishi S-AWC Driving Modes in Calgary, Alberta

Mitsubishi S-AWC Driving Modes in Calgary, Alberta

The Mitsubishi S-AWC system is the advanced variant of the original Mitsubishi AWC system. Short for Super All-Wheel Control, the S-AWC system provides excellent traction through its control of the wheels and suspension components of the vehicle. Numerous driving modes are available with the S-AWC system. Drivers can select between Normal Mode, Eco Mode, Gravel Mode, and Snow Mode to optimize their vehicles' handling to the driving conditions. With the different capabilities that Mitsubishi's new system provides, it is fantastic to own a model that is equipped with Mitsubishi S-AWC in Calgary, Alberta.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Outlander & Outlander PHEV Modes

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV are all SUV models equipped with the Mitsubishi S-AWC system. Each model has driving modes that are easily accessible from the center console of the SUV. Normal Mode, Eco Mode, Gravel Mode, and Snow Mode are all included for the S-AWC system in the SUV models.

Active Front Differential

The Active Front Differential, which belongs to the Mitsubishi S-AWC system, actively controls the torque sent to the front wheels of vehicles. Active Front Differential, also known as AFD, uses a hydraulic clutch system to transfer power between the vehicle's wheels. The AFD communicates with the computer and electronics of the vehicle to accurately assess road conditions and determine the proper actions that need to be taken to provide optimal traction under any given condition.

Active Yaw Control

Active Yaw Control actively controls the braking and power steering systems of the vehicle. It allows vehicles to smoothly travel through turns while maintaining proper traction through the corners. The system ultimately controls the power distributed to the vehicle's rear wheels by making necessary adjustments and inputs to its rear differential as needed. Contact us if you would like to know more about the new S-AWC system, its components, how it works, or anything else that our dealership has to offer.

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