Mitsubishi AWC in Calgary, Alberta

Mitsubishi AWC in Calgary, Alberta

Mitsubishi AWC in Calgary, Alberta

A short acronym for All-Wheel Control, AWC is Mitsubishi's variant of the typical four-wheel-drive system commonly found on SUV and truck models. The AWC system has a heritage that dates back to the earlier days of rally racing and off-road racing. Mitsubishi AWC provides optimal traction to vehicles by controlling three primary aspects of the vehicle's suspension components. The AWC system is currently being used on the Mitsubishi RVR and Mitsubishi Outlander.

Mitsubishi RVR & Outlander Modes

The Mitsubishi RVR and Mitsubishi Outlander have a total of six driving modes due to their AWC systems. The RVR and Outlander driving modes are Eco Mode, Normal Mode, Tarmac Mode, Gravel Mode, Snow Mode, and Mud Mode. Mud Mode is the latest driving mode that has been added to the Outlander and RVR. Each of the driving modes allows drivers to choose between road conditions so that the AWC system can perform accordingly.

Mitsubishi Traction & Handling Features

Electronically Controlled Coupling

Electronically Controlled Coupling is a modern technology that is used for the AWC system. It allows vehicles to maintain their all-wheel-drive characteristics by continually adjusting torque between the front and rear axles of the vehicles. These couplers are electronically controlled so that they can be quickly adjusted during low-traction situations.

Active Stability Control

Active Stability Control is a system that helps drivers maintain control of their vehicles. Under various conditions, the Active Stability Control system can apply braking inputs to allow drivers to regain control of their vehicles.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-lock brakes, also known as ABS, are crucial for vehicles' safety and handling. As alluded to by its name, the anti-lock brake system prevents the brakes on a vehicle from locking up under heavy braking conditions. The technology of anti-lock brakes allows the brake system to automatically pump its brakes during a situation where the brakes are locking on a vehicle. Contact us if you would like to learn more about the Mitsubishi AWC in Calgary and how it is beneficial to have on a vehicle.

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