At Bow Mitsubishi, We Guarantee the best price on your Purchase

Best Price Guarantee - Bow Mitsubishi

We Aren't Your Average Dealership

At most dealerships, they like to be the first (and only) place that you visit, and they get really nervous when you want to go shop around at other stores. At the end of the day, we know that this is a large purchase for you and we want to ensure that you are completely confident that you not only chose the dealership that will give you the price that you are comfortable with, but also one that will provide the best customer service and support moving forward.
For us, this doesn't just end after we sell a vehicle. We have some of the best, friendliest and most outgoing staff in the industry both in our sales department, and our Service Department.


We don't just want you to have a memorable experience during your purchase, but also every time you come in for service. For this reason, we have adopted the #MoreThanACarDealer motto. To us, you're not just a number on a board or a sale in the books, You're Family. We want to make sure you're treated like family now and moving forward.

So, we don't want to be the First and Only Dealership that you visit. Make us the last one! If you find a price or a deal at any of our competitors and bring it in, we will beat it. There is a reason why we are the #1 Volume Mitsubishi Dealership in Western Canada, and our reviews from people just like yourself speak to it. Make sure you talk to us before you buy a New or Used Mitsubishi from anywhere else.